This weekend brought on a problem that we were not expecting. The little one went to a school friends birthday party. All was good until they moved to a karaoke room, well, she obviously could not read the words of the songs, even though she knew a lot of the songs. All the girls were up dancing and singing and my little one became very withdrawn and did not participate. It was heartbreaking. I got her on my knee to talk to her, she said she was angry that she could not take part. Before the party it just did not occur to us that this was going to be a problem. With hindsight, of course it was going to be an issue and maybe we could have prepared for it. We will certainly know for next time. One thing I have learnt about this age group is that the social relationships are complex as they do not yet have all the skills to deal with the complexities and understand the social signals. Being dyslexic in this type of situation is another layer on top of those complexities.

The real challenge is that she became very withdrawn and this is going to be of concern if it happens too often. So want did I do? I went to Dr Google to look up dyslexia and karaoke and was surprised what I found. Lots of reading to do. We will look at integrating some karaoke into her learning plan later (its pretty full at the moment), especially if this can be fun. There are even some apps available that display words in karaoke style to help with the reading. There are so many apps and software for both the PC and Mac on karaoke, I going to get a few to see what happens.

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