Toe by  Toe

My review of Toe by Toe: Regardless of the program or strategy that is being used to manage dyslexia, this workbook is, in my opinion, an essential to supplement any program. We noticed an improvement within a couple of weeks and other reviews of this workbook are reporting the same thing. It only takes a few minutes each day to do the activities. Each page of the Toe by Toe book consists of activities that are generally repeated until they are correct for three days in a row, then you  move on to the next page. As a parent, you are the coach, assisting and guiding the reader through the book and its activities. Being able to see the words in the last few pages of the book can act as motivation to know that these are the words that they can read when they get to the end (we not there yet, but making good progress!). Yes, the book can be pedantic and that could be annoying to some people, but I see that as a strength,

Purchasing options: We got ours from Fishpond in Australia; its also available from them in New Zealand. has it in the USA, Canada and in the UK.

I really can not recommend this book or program highly enough. While we have tried and are trying some other programs or strategies, none of them I would say are absolutely essential as I would with this one! Other parents that I am in touch with who have used Toe by Toe would all agree.

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